Vようにも Vられない
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 V(意向形) ようにも V(可能形)られない


I missed the last train and can’t go home even if I wanted to.

V したいという気持ちはあるが V できない

「V ようにも V ない」は、「V」という行為をしたい気持ちはあるができないと言いたいときに使われます。「V」には同じ動詞を繰り返して使うが、最初の「V」は意向形を用い、二つ目の「V」は可能形の否定を用いる。

V(volitional-form) younimo V(potential-form) nai"  is used when the speaker wants to say that he/she has the desire to do the action of "V" but is unable to do so. The same verb is repeated for "V," but the first "V" is a volitional-form, and the second "V" is a negative of the potential form.

文法解説】Grammar point 1:

「V ようにも V ない」は、「V」という行為をしたい気持ちはあるができないと言いたいときに使われます。また、多くの場合、何等かの理由があって物理的(現実的)に不可能というときに使われます。


1. かねくて、いえようにもりられない
I have no money and can't even rent a house even if I wanted to.

2. 携帯けいたい圏外けんがいだったので、電話でんわようにも電話でんわできませんでした
My cell phone was out of signal, so I couldn't call to make a phone call even if I wanted to.

3. かれはトラブル対応たいおういそがしくしていて、はなしかけようにも、とてもはなしかけられる状態じょうたいじゃなかった
He was busy dealing with a problem and was in no condition which I could talk to him even if I wanted to.

接続  formation

 V(意向形)   にも  V(可能形)  ない

例文 example sentences

I have no money at all, so I can't pay my rent even if I wanted to.

My car is broken down and I can't go to pick you up even if I wanted to.

My computer is broken and I can't finish the manuscript even if I wanted to.

I wanted to help him, but I couldn't help him by myself.

I have lost her contact information and can't get in touch with her even if I wanted to.

He is avoiding me and I can't talk to him about important things even if I wanted to.

Yesterday, the trains were stopped by heavy snow and I couldn't go home even if I wanted to.

He was too busy working to make time for his family even if he wanted to.

The guest speaker's arrival is delayed, so I can't start the event even if I wanted to.

The house had been vacant for 20 years and was in no condition for people to live in even if they wanted to.

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