V + っこない
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V + っこない


There's no way we will lose to such a weak team.

There is no way I can finish my homework in less than an hour.




”~kkonai" is used when you want to strongly deny something, such as "it will never happen". It is also used when you want to say "absolutely impossible" in connection with the potential form of a verb.

This sentence pattern is normally used in casual situations.

文法解説】Grammar point 1


1. あのヘビースモーカーのかれ禁煙きんえんするなんてできっこない
He is a heavy smoker and there is no way he can quit smoking.

接続  formation


 V(ます形)ます + っこない

 V(可能形) + っこない

例文 example sentences

There’s no way you can understand how I feel.

There's no way I can eat all of these dishes by myself.

My dreams are never going to come true anyway.

Even if we hurry now, there’s no way we can make it in time for our appointment.

There's no way we can beat a team that strong.

No matter how much money I saved up, I would never be able to buy such a mansion.

There is no way I can date such a wonderful woman.

You can't sell such old-fashioned products.

He and I are like water and oil, we'll never understand each other.

No matter how hard I study, there's no way I'll get into that university.

備考 notes



Haku would never do such a thing! He's a kind man!

But no matter how long we wait, no boat will ever come to save us.

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