【文法 N2/N3 Grammar】

文法-意味 grammar meaning

イ形/ナ形 + ことといったら
N + といったら


① その作品さくひん完成度かんせいどたかことといったらほかるいないレベルです。
The level of perfection of the work is unparalleled.

② あそこのみせのラーメンのおいしさといったら二度にどほかみせのラーメンをべられなくなるほどですよ。
The ramen there is so good that you will never be able to eat ramen from any other restaurant again.





”~kototoittara/~toittara" is used when the speaker wants to state that the degree of some thing is enormous, and to take up the degree of the thing (e.g., 〇〇さ, 〇〇が高い, etc.) as the topic of the sentence.

It is often followed by a figurative/example expression such as "~ほどだ" or "~ぐらいだ" to describe how extreme the degree of the thing is.

It is mainly used when the speaker is surprised, moved, angry, or dismayed.

文法解説】Grammar point 1


1. あのやま山頂さんちょうからの景色けしきうつくしいことといったら、そこまでのみちのりのつらさが一瞬いっしゅんんだほどです。
The view from the top of the mountain was so beautiful that it instantly blew away the hardships of the journey to the top.

2. あのやま山頂さんちょうからの景色けしきうつくといったら、そこまでのみちのりのつらさが一瞬いっしゅんんだほどです。
The view from the top of the mountain was so beautiful that it instantly blew away the hardships of the journey to the top.

【文法解説】Grammar point 2:



3. かれ部屋へやにおいのひどさといったらきだしたくなるほどだった。
The smell in his room was so bad that it made me want to throw up.

【文法解説】Grammar point 3:




4. かれくちわるといったら温厚おんこうわたしでも時々ときどきイラっとするほどです
His foul mouth is so bad that even I, a mild-mannered person, get annoyed sometimes.


5. あの寿司屋すしやたかいことといったら会計かいけい値段ねだんてびっくりしてこえぐらいです
That sushi restaurant was so expensive that I was so surprised when I saw the price on the bill that I screamed out in surprise.


6. あのホテルのサービスのわるといったら本当ほんとうにありない。
The service in that hotel is so bad that it is truly unbelievable.

7. かれつく料理りょうりのおいしさといったら、もう言葉ことばにできないですよ。
The food he makes is so delicious, I can't even begin to describe it.

接続  formation

イ形(普通形) + ことといったら


  N   + といったら
※ 何らかの程度を表す名詞と一緒に使われます。

例文 example sentences

The cheap prices at the supermarket really surprised me.

His lack of punctuality is so bad that I want to stop being friends with him.

The student's wealth of knowledge is second to none, even for a teacher.

The interest in the drama series was so great that I forgot to eat and just kept watching all day long. 

The badness of the paper he wrote was enough to make a professor furious.

The scariness of the horror movie was so much that I couldn't go to the bathroom by myself after watching it.

The poor food at the restaurant was so bad that I wanted my money back.

At that time, my poverty was such that I could not even afford to eat.

The despicability of what he did is enough to make me want to cover my ears.

The frustration of losing that game is really hard to put into words.

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