【JLPT N2/N3 Grammar】

文法-意味 grammar meaning

V + わけにはいかない


I can’t betray her who loves me so much.



”~ wakeniwaikanai" is used when you want to say that for some reason you cannot do it. It is not used when you cannot do something because you are incapable of doing it or because it is forbidden.

文法解説】Grammar point


(1) これが最後さいごのチャンスなので、失敗しっぱいするわけにはいかない
This is my last chance, so I can't fail.

(2) わたし人見知ひとみしりで、初対面しょたいめんひと上手じょうずはなわけにはいかない
I am shy and can’t speak well with new people.

(3) ここは禁煙きんえんエリアなので、タバコをわけにはいかない
This is a non-smoking area, so I can’t smoke here.

接続  formation


 V(辞書形) + わけにはいかない

 V(ている形) + わけにはいかない

 V(ない形) + わけにはいかない

- JLPT N3 Grammar

- JLPT N3 Grammar

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例文 example sentences

In order to make my dream come true, I cannot be depressed over such a small failure.

"I can't let the young ones beat me yet." My father often says.

I can't leave my sick wife at home and go to work.

We can't lose this match in order to qualify for the World Cup.

The deadline for submitting assignments is approaching soon, so I can't keep not doing it forever.

No matter how much money you offer me, I can't talk about this secret.

He asked me to help so much, so I can't not cooperate with him.

My daughter made me a meal for the first time, so I can't leave it on plates.

Today is the day of an important presentation, so I can't take a day off from work just because I have a slight fever.

I can never forgive him for doing such a terrible thing to me.

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