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【JLPT N3 Grammar】

文法-意味 grammar meaning



The Youtube video received a lot of views not only in Japan but also overseas.




「~だけでなく」と同じ意味で、「~だけでなく」より硬い場面・文章などで主に使われます。「A のみならず B」の「B」の部分には、「大人のみならず子供も」のように、助詞「も」を伴う文を置くことが多いですが、必ずとういうわけではありません。


【英語】 not only A but also B, 
”~ nominarazu” has the same meaning as "だけでなく", and is mainly used in more formal situations or sentences than "だけでなく". The "B" in "A のみならず B" is often, but not always, accompanied by the particle "も", as in "大人のみならず子供も".


接続 formation

 V(普通形) + のみならず

 イ形(普通形)  + のみならず

 ナ形(普通形)  + のみならず

 N(普通形)  + のみならず
(現在肯定の形: orである)

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- JLPT N3 Grammar

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例文 example sentences

Ghibli's film works are very popular not only in Japan but also overseas.

How could he have betrayed me not once, but twice?

She does not eat meat and fish as well as eggs and any kind of dairy products.

He contributed to the development of Japan not only as a politician but also as an entrepreneur.

The amusement park attracts many visitors not only from within the prefecture but also from outside the prefecture.

He got a perfect score on the last final exam, not only in math, which he is good at, but also in chemistry.

To go against that organization would be to put not only my life, but my family's life in danger.

The earthquake caused tremendous damage not only to the Tohoku region, but to the whole of Japan.

I sometimes feel like I don't belong not only at work, but at home as well.

My boss is respected by his subordinates not only for his high level of work ability, but also for his wonderful personality.

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