N を契機に/を契機にして/を契機として【文法-N2 Grammar】

文法-意味 grammar meaning

N を契機けいき
(N を契機けいきとして/ N を契機けいきにして)


Trrigered by Corona, a new way of working called "remote work" is taking root in Japan.



triggerd by N, N led to, 

N+okeikini" is used when you want to say that "N" is the trigger for the beginning or the change of something. It is a more formal expression than "N+okikkakeni".

【文法解説】Grammar point 1


1. その悲惨ひさん事故じこを契機に飲酒運転いんしゅうんてん厳罰化げんばつかされることになった。
The tragic accident led to stricter penalties for drunk driving.

文法解説】Grammar point 2


3. その問題もんだいがメディアでげられたことを契機として、その会社かいしゃおこなっていた一連いちれん不正ふせい次々つぎつぎあかるみにた。
The media coverage of the issue led to the revelation of a series of irregularities that had been committed by the company.

3. 経営陣けいえいじん交替こうたいを契機にして社内しゃない組織そしき制度せいど一新いっしんされた。
Trrigerd by the change of board members, the company's internal organization and systems were also renewed.

接続  formation

 N  + を契機に ~  

 N  + を契機として ~  

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例文 example sentences

The tragic accident led to the revision of food safety laws.

The young man began living away from his parents when he started working.

A strange relationship between her and me began with a letter that arrived by chance.

He became a popular actor known by many after appearing in that drama.

The disaster has led to an even greater emphasis on the importance of disaster preparedness.

Our company was able to grow significantly with the launch of this hit product.

With the meeting between the top leaders of the two countries, friendly relations between the two countries began to show signs of improvement.

The rise in the price of oil has triggered an upward trend in the prices of various goods as well.

Triggered by an inadvertent remark by the party leader, that party quickly lost support.

Triggered by the failure of the new business, the company's financial situation rapidly deteriorated.

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