【文法-N3/N4 Grammar】

「とか(例示)」の文法 grammar

 ~ とか


There are many delicious foods in Japan, such as sushi and tempura.


”~toka" " is used when you want to use "~" as an example of something.


文法解説】Grammar point 1


1. 京都きょうととか奈良ならとか日本にほん観光地かんこうちとして有名ゆうめいです。
Cities such as Kyoto and Nara are famous as sightseeing spots in Japan.

【文法解説】Grammar point 2


2. そんなに彼女かのじょきなら、もっとメールするとかデートにさそとかしてみたら。
If you like her so much, you should try to do things like text her more or ask her out on dates.

3. そんなに彼女かのじょきなら、デートにさそとかしてみたら。
If you like her so much, you should try to asking her out on a date or something.

【文法解説】Grammar point 3


4. いぬとかねことか)を将来しょうらいってみたいな。(省略
I'd like to have a pet such as a dog or a cat in the future.

5. そんなにひまなら、友達ともだちあそびにとか勉強べんきょうするとかなんでもいいからすればいいのに。(省略不可
If you're so bored, why don't you go hang out with your friends, or study, or do whatever?



6. 皿洗さらあらいをするだとか洗濯物せんたくものをたたむだとかすこしは家事かじ手伝てつだってよ。
Can you please help me with a few household chores, like doing the dishes or folding the laundry?

接続  formation




 N(普通形) とか

※ 後ろに名詞が続く場合は「~とかのN」「~とかいったN」となる

例文 example sentences

I'm good at math and science (and so on), but I'm not so good at English.

If you don't have something better than others, such as a good face or a good singer, you won't succeed as a celebrity.

Don't think about whether you like the job or not, just do your best at what's in front of you.

You should take care of your health by exercising a little more or drinking less.

This Sunday, let's go out to eat Italian food or something.

Why don't you invite Yamada-kun, Sato-san or others to join us?

If you are having trouble such as not being able to connect to the Internet or not being able to turn on the power, please consult with us.

When you are young, like in elementary school or junior high school, you should have a lot of experiences other than studying.

If you go to Kyoto, I recommend Kiyomizu-dera, Kinkaku-ji and so on.

Even if you couldn't do it, you could have asked someone who could, or done it to the point where you could.

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