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It was a terrible day today. My boss was mad at me and my wife was in a bad mood when I got home.


「A B わで」の形で、「A」と「B」に話し手が不満を持っている事柄や、批判的である事柄などを累加的に述べ、そういった「A」や「B」ということがあるのでという意味で使われます。「A」や「B」に驚いてる事柄を述べる場合もあります。客観的に、または冷静に理由を述べる時には使われない、話し手の感情のこもった言い方です。

In the form "A wa B wa de," stating a matter in which the speaker is dissatisfied with or critical in "A" and "B" , it is used in the meaning that "because of such A and B," Something that surprises the speaker may also be stated in "A" and "B". It is a way of saying things with some degree of emotion by the speaker and is not used when stating reasons objectively or calmly.

~ わ ~わで(「~」に同じ言葉を繰り返す場合)

文法解説】Grammar point 1:


1. ねつがあるせきまらないので明日あした病院びょういんこうとおもいます。
I have a fever and a cough that won't stop, so I will go to the hospital tomorrow.

2. ねつがあるせきまらないわで明日あした病院びょういんこうとおもいます

3. ねつがあるせきまらないわで昨日きのう本当ほんとう体調たいちょうがすぐれなかった。
I had a fever, I couldn't stop coughing, and I really wasn't feeling well yesterday.


4. 目標もくひょうのテストにはかるきなひとにデートにさそわれるなん不思議ふしぎなぐらいいいことつづいている。
I've passed my target test, the girl I like has asked me out on a date, and something strangely good has been happening to me.

文法解説】Grammar point 2:


5. となり住人じゅうにんがうるさい、ゴキブリがいまのアパートには不満ふまんしかない。
The neighbors are noisy, there are cockroaches, and I have nothing but complaints about my current apartment.

接続  formation

  V1(普) + わ +   V2(普) + わで

  イ形1(普) + わ +  イ形2 (普) +わで

  ナ形1(普) + わ +  ナ形2 (普) +わで


例文 example sentences

He comes to class late, he doesn't turn in his homework, and I wonder if he really wants to study.

This dish tasted bad, looked bad, and is not something that can be served to customers.

My girlfriend dumped me, I got fired from my job, and things have not been good lately.

The pay is low, there is a lot of overtime, and I am fed up with the company I work for now.

Cities are so crowded and expensive that I don't really want to live there.

That new employee is a slow worker, he is late for work, and his boss is really annoyed with him.

Your speeches are long-winded and boring, and you can't move anyone's heart with that kind of talk.

I stayed at that hotel for the first time, but it was so far from the station and the service was so bad that I thought I would never stay there again.

You lie, you don't keep your promises, and no one will trust you if you are like that.

There is a lot of garbage on the beach, a lot of people with bad manners, and I do not recommend going to that beach.

備考 note




The boxer is so strong, he is winning and winning, and so far he has not lost in 15 fights since his debut.

I started a new business and it's really making me so much money and money. I've surprised even myself.

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