N あっての N
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N1 あっての N2


Remember that our customers are what make our business possible.

「N1 あっての N2」の形で、「N2」には「N1」が不可欠であり、「N1」がなければ「N2」は成り立たないという意味で使われます。

atteno" is used in the form of "N1 atteno N2" and means  "N1 is essential to N2" or "without N1, N2 would not be possible."

接続  formation


 N1  + あっての +  N2

例文 example sentences

Your contribution is the reason why we could conclude this contract, so you can expect your next bonus.

We are only as good as the support we receive from our fans, so we ask for your continued support in the future.

I am always grateful to the local farmers for the delicious regional produce that is essential to our cuisine.

I am often asked what the secret of success is, and I believe that success is based on steady accumulation.

Your health is essential to your work, so don't overwork yourself too much.

Music is my life. If you take music away from me, there is nothing left.

A company is only as good as its employees. A company that does not take care of its employees will eventually go out of business.

Growth comes from failure, so you should not be afraid of failure and keep trying.

The unusual selection of the still young man as a board member was apparently based on the strong recomendation of the vice president.

I know that I could have received this wonderful award only because of your guidance and support.

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