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【JLPT N1 Grammar】

文法-意味 grammar meaning



I thought the player would just retire, but he declared that he would continue to play.



 " ~ (ka)toomoikiya"  is used when the speaker wants to say that something different from what he or she expected happened, or that it turned out to be different.

文法解説】Grammar point 1:



1. あのチームが余裕よゆうと思いきや意外いがいにも接戦せっせんだった。
I thought that team would win easily, but it was a surprisingly close game.

接続  formation

※非過去肯定:だ→ /である

※非過去肯定:だ → /である



例文 example sentences

I thought he would be the next mayor as the polls showed, but the preliminary election report quickly informed that he had lost the election.

I thought he was going to follow in his parents' footsteps as a doctor, but he suddenly quit medical school and started a venture company.

I thought we would be able to finish this project easily and without problems, but problems erupted at the last minute.

I thought the number of infections would continue to decline, but the outbreak of the variant strain caused a sudden increase in the number of cases.

I thought he would be late as usual, but today he arrived 10 minutes before our meeting time.

He was lecturing on language acquisition, so I assumed he was fluent in English, but when I spoke to him, he was not at all.

I thought the rent in that area would be quite high, but I was able to rent a room at a surprisingly affordable price.

I thought it was some kind of joke that he was divorced, but apparently it is true.

手応てごたえをかんじられなかったので、JLPT N1にちているかと思いきや結果けっか合格ごうかくだった。
Since I didn't feel I did well, I thought I had failed the JLPT N1, but the result was that I passed.

I thought he would refuse such an unreasonable request, but he readily agreed.

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