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While commuting by car is comfortable, it also places a heavy burden on the environment.


英語while~, on the other hand~
”~hanmen" is used to contrast two opposing aspects of a thing, such as "good points and bad points," or "advantages and disadvantages."

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(1) このくすり非常ひじょう効果こうかがある反面副作用ふくさようつよいのでける必要ひつようがあります。
While this drug is very effective, it also has strong side effects, so care must be taken.

(2) あにがスポーツで活躍かつやくする反面おとうと学業がくぎょう優秀ゆうしゅう成績せいせきのこしている
While the older brother is active in sports, the younger brother excels in academics.





(3) あにがスポーツで活躍かつやくする一方おとうと学業がくぎょう優秀ゆうしゅう成績せいせきのこしている。
While the older brother is active in sports, the younger brother excels in academics.


接続  formation

 V(普通形) + 反面

 イ形(普通形)  + 反面

 ナ形(普通形)  + 反面
(現在肯定の形: or である

 N(普通形)  + 反面

- JLPT N2 Grammar

- JLPT N2 Grammar

- JLPT N2 Grammar

- JLPT N2 Grammar

例文 example sentences

While this job pays well, the working environment is not so good.

While listing a company has the advantage of making it easier to raise funds, it also opens the possibility of being acquired.

While having a lot of children is fun, it is also quite a challenge financially.

While social networking sites are convenient, they also carry the risk of being deceived by fake news if one's net literacy is low.

While freelance work can be free, it may not be stable in terms of income.

While science and technology have enriched our lives, they have also been used for war.

While alcohol is sometimes a stress reliever, it can also be hazardous to one's health if consumed in excess.

While this operation can quickly turn the tide of the war if it succeeds, it also puts many lives at risk if it fails.

While being famous on TV would make a lot of money, it would also mean less freedom in one's personal life.

While traditional large companies pay well to some extent, it is difficult to get promoted at a young age.





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