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文法-意味 grammar meaning



Given his nature, I wouldn't be surprised if he had forgotten about today's appointment.




It’s no wonder ~, It's no suprise,

"~temofushigijanai” is used when the speker wants to say "It's no wonder~/It's no suprise~". 

<p<>文法解説】Grammar point 1:


1. そんな包丁ほうちょう使つかかたでは、いつケガをしても不思議じゃない
With that kind of knife usage, it is no wonder that you can get injured at any time.

2. 動機どうき十分じゅうぶんにあるので、かれがこの事件じけん犯人はんにんだったとしても不思議じゃない
With motive enough, it would not be surprising if he was the culprit in this case.


3. みんなかれ突然とつぜんおこしたというけど、あんなことわれたらかれおこても不思議じゃないよ。
People say he suddenly got angry, but it's not surprising that he got angry after something like that was said.

接続  formation

 V(て形):て/で + も不思議じゃない


 イ形 + くても不思議じゃない
 イ形 + くなくても不思議じゃない


 ナ形 + でも不思議じゃない
 ナ形 + じゃなくても不思議じゃない



例文 example sentences

The game I saw on TV yesterday was so close that it was no wonder either team could have won.

With such a busy work schedule, it is no wonder that he is not feeling well.

The company is in such a critical situation that it would not be surprising if it went bankrupt at any time.

This rice cooker has been in use for 20 years, so it is no surprise that it is about to break down.

Since he had been criticized so much, it was no surprise that he would become angry at any moment.

He has been deceived by people all his life, so it's no wonder he has lost faith in people.

Since this is such a great piece of work, it would not be surprising if it won the grand prize in the contest.

Even at his young age, he has accomplished so much that it would not be surprising if he were promoted to department head.

If my boss had found out about that incident, I wouldn't have been surprised if I had been fired then.

Given her personality, it's not surprising that she would take responsibility and say she's quitting the company.

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